Sonja was born in Schiedam (Netherlands) on September 25, 1946. After living in South Limburg for years, she spent the last few years in Flevoland, where she died on January 8, 2023.

The interest for letters, signs and movement began actually with her grandfather. He drew such beautiful characters and cut them out so nicely in wood. In amazement she was looking at what he was doing and thought, this is something I would like to do later as well.

In 1991, she started with lessons in calligraphy and qualified herself in its application by following several workshops, whereby she mastered several different other techniques as well. A couple of years she was an active member of the foundation Beeldende Kunstenaars Bunde, BKB, of which she was president for some years.
Moreover she studies graphic arts at the municipal academy for plastic arts (SAPK) in Genk (Belgium).
A further search through history about the development of signs, writing and the movement of people is fascinating her and remains an inspiration.

She prefers abstraction but sometimes the figurative impression is still present. She prefers to work with texture and vivid colours.
For this reason graphic arts and collage have become important in her work. The conversion of her designs to graphic techniques is a great challenge and the exploration is still going on.

She does not like the use of printing techniques because of the repeatability of an image, but rather to examine its various possibilities.

In the Provincial Zeeuwse Courant of 8-8-2020, the reviewer Nico Out wrote the following about my work: "Sonja Reedijk small books and jewelery, on the other hand, are a feast for the eye: she combines thought, feeling and vision in a controlled and imaginative way."

2018 - 2022 Lid van KUP-11 (Kunst uit de Polder 2011) te Lelystad
2015 - 2020 Penningmeeester Stichting Kunstraad Dronten (SKD)
2012 - 2022 Lid van de IAPMA (International Assocation of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artist)
2011 Cursus sieraden maken met certificaat
2010 Geven van workshop papierscheppen Würselen (D)
2009 Workshop Encaustic Painting, Nicole Kaffanke
2006 -  2014 Lid van de Limburgse Kunst Kring (LKK)
2006 -  2008 Vrije grafiek bij Stedelijke Academie Plastische Kunsten(SAPK) in Genk(B), specialisatie Grafiek met Papierscheppen
2005 - 2013 Kalligrafieworkshops, Ans Hameleers
2001 - 2006 Vrije grafiek bij Stedelijke Academie Plastische Kunsten(SAPK) in Genk(B), diploma en laureaat "Prijs van de stad Genk 2006" voor het beste werk in 2006
2000 - 2001 Aquarelles, Frank Boom bij Kumulus Maastricht
1999 - 2013 Lid Beeldende Kunstenaars Bunde (BKB), 2001-2007 voorzitter
1999 Cursus Chinese karakters, Chan Suet Fun Maastricht
1998 Workshop kalligrafie op marmer schrijven, Evert van Dijk
1997 Workshops Copperplate, Eleanor Winter
1997 Workshop marmeren
1997 - 1998 Aquarelles, Emilia Hauser bij Kumulus Maastricht
1995  Schriftelijke cursus toepassing van kalligrafie
1995 - 1997 Kalligrafie, Dora v.d. Loo, Thorn
1994 - 1995 Aquarelles, Kumulus in Maastricht
1993 - 1994 Kalligrafie, Wilbert Wegman, Roermond
1992 Kalligrafie, Pabo Roermond
1991 Kalligrafie, Marleen Fekkers, Volksuniversiteit Maastricht

Sonja aan het zeefdrukken
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